8 February 2013

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Well, I was sick with some 24-hour bug on Tuesday, much better but didn't want to push it on Wednesday, and... I got no excuse for Thursday! But why is it that I so often get more improvement on days when I have gone longer since the last time? I improved on six things, and even added weight on shoulder press. Maybe I just have a longer "stride" with this stuff, but I still would rather be more regular about going 4-5 days.

I know I could have done more curls/rows, but my left hand is what gave our first. I'm going to pick up a pair of lifting gloves at Dick's tomorrow, and see if they help next time. This has been an ongoing problem on that particular exercise, and for all I know, they will help with some of the others as well.

Workout Stats: 
Hamstring Curls6857+1
Shoulder Press6905level-up