17 October 2011 - I LOVE Days Like This!

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Improved all across the board! Strange that this was after six days off, and leaves me wondering what would have happened if I had lifted yesterday instead. I'm not sure I would have done better, especially since I was not feeling on top of it yesterday, but felt pretty good today going in.

I really think it has a lot more to do with how much energy I have on any given day, than on how many days it has been since last session. I was seriously burning (and yelling) after seven reps on the Dips, but insisted that, at that point, I was not going to have a single set without some improvement. Couldn't resist doing a "victory rep" to make it nine. LOL!

But that goes to illustrate one more important aspect of this method -- no matter how hard the last rep was, always try to do one more. You might just find that you weren't quite as close to "muscle success" as you thought you were! (Seriously, it's a rule I still need to be more attentive about in general.)

In fact, I just noticed that I got seven or more on everything. Technically, that means I could level-up on everything next time, with the exceptions of Squats and Curls, since I've got the maximum recommended load on there when including my own mass. I think I will go ahead and add ten to Dips and five to everything else....

Workout Stats: 
Hamstring Curls6657+1
Shoulder Press6808+1